Walls of Wonder in a Magic City



Discover the Stories Behind the Signs

My first book, Fading Ads of Birmingham, published by The History Press, offers a closer look at the "ghost signs" that inspire my art and paint an illuminating picture of boomtown Birmingham. You'll see nearly 70 signs spanning a century of Birmingham's history, and through them you'll get to know the people who built a Magic City in the heart of Alabama. You'll also get a glimpse into the unique world of the sign painter and see what some of the signs looked like when they were new. Learn more about the wares the ads hawked, the buildings they adorned, and the streets they overlooked. The book includes addresses for all signs, enabling you to find these visions of the past hidden in plain sight.

Where to Buy It

Alabama Booksmith •  Little Professor  •  Birmingham Museum of Art  •  Vulcan Park and Museum  •  The History Press  •  Books-a-Million  •  Barnes & Noble  •  Amazon


Talks and Events

Nov. 16: Fading Ads Walking Tour, Downtown Birmingham
Nov. 21: Birmingham Postcard Club, Trinity United Methodist Church
Dec. 10: Artbreak book talk, Birmingham Museum of Art
Dec. 19: Book signing, Costco in Hoover, AL