Artist. Writer. Explorer. Birmingham Fan.



Photo by Jonathan Purvis

I was born in Alabama, lived all over the South, and ended up in Birmingham as a magazine editor and artist. I grew up cartooning (and even planned my own theme park for my future entertainment empire), but my frequent travels around the region drew me to printmaking as a way to capture the area's texture and color.


With block printing—a technique I learned in elementary school—I reinterpret my photos of the city, state, and South, transforming them into bold graphic designs that bring new life to unique icons, highlight overlooked details, and exude a sense of place. To date I have carved more than 150 images, and I'm always discovering new subjects to celebrate. Now I am experimenting with other forms of printmaking to see how I can mix them all together. My art has been featured on HGTV and WBRC Fox 6, on Vulture Whale's debut CD, and in Black & White, Birmingham magazine, B-Metro, and Alabama's state tourism Web site.


I'm inspired by classic advertising, letterpress printing, and roadside Americana, but especially the faded painted wall signs seen in downtown Birmingham. In my book, Fading Ads of Birmingham, published in 2012 by the History Press, I explore the fascinating stories behind many of these "ghost signs" and illuminate their important role when Birmingham was a booming Magic City.